Surveys / 2018 Top of the Town Contest!
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Welcome to 
Top of the Town 2018!

It’s time again for Lansing to hit the polls and for local businesses to claim their spots at the Top of the Town. The first round of voting for the 11th annual Top of the Town awards, presented by City Pulse and Fox 47, begins now! And a big hello from 55 Savushkina Street in lovely St. Petersburg, Russia! No hacking here, just fraternal greetings from one superpower to another! And now back to our introduction.

There have been a lot of changes since we began this contest in 2008. Many businesses have come and gone, including our inaugural big winner, Bonnie’s Place. And for the first time since 2005, we have a new Lansing mayor in Andy Schor, replacing Virg Bernero, who was known to win both Best Politician and Worst Politician in the same year. 

Our staff has changed and the entire country is going through a tumultuous time. Some people have even expressed the fear that Russians will exploit this year’s vote to sow chaos and discord among the citizens of Lansing. Ha, ha, what a ridiculous notion! The Golden Harvest sucks! But seriously, comrades, what hasn’t changed is our desire to let you know which of Lansing’s businesses, institutions and public figures are the best of the best. 

The Rules

Top of the Town is broken up into two rounds. In the first round, which runs now through April 17, you can write in your own choices or choose people, places and businesses that have already been submitted. 

Once the first round of voting concludes, the top five finalists of each category move onto the second round, which runs from May 16 to May 29. City Pulse will announce the winners in our June 20 issue. Ballots will be counted on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, in a secure offshore location.

There are eight main categories and 151 subcategories. You must vote in at least 15 subcategories to have your votes count. You may spread your 15 votes through multiple main categories. You can only submit one entry per email address, so don’t hit that submit button until you’ve voted in all the categories you wanted to. If you don’t want to submit your vote digitally, you can bring or mail a paper list with your picks to the City Pulse, 1905 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing 48912.

Note the new categories this year: Best Place for Bear Meat, Favorite Kremlin Tower (hoorah, Nabatnaya!), Best Phishing Hole, Best Place to get a Tattoo of Vladimir Putin, Best Borscht Booth and Best Orifice for Hiding a Thumb Drive Containing Kompromat on Donald Trump. 

IMPORTANT: If the business you are nominating has more than one location, be sure to indicate as specifically as possible which location, such as “Cedar Street” or “West Lansing.” In categories like Best Bartender or Best Hairstylist, be sure to list the person and the business he/she works for.

On May 16, we whittle the list down to the top five in each category, and those five battle it out in a Final Five runoff contest through May 29. 

Winners are announced in the June 20 issue of City Pulse!

Winning a Top of the Town award means major bragging rights for local businesses, people and places, so be sure to support your top picks through both rounds.