Surveys / 2016 Top of the Town Contest
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Welcome to the 2016 Top of the Town awards, hosted by City Pulse and Fox 47 News. We invite you, our readers and viewers, to let us know about your favorite people, places and businesses in Greater Lansing.

Like previous years, the contest is broken up into two rounds. In the first round, which runs from now until April 12, you can write in your own choices or choose people/places/businesses that have already been submitted. We started the contest this year by automatically adding the Top Five from the 2015 contest.

On May 4, we whittle the list down to the top five in each category, and those five will battle it out in a Final Five runoff contest until May 17. Nominees keep their votes from the first round. Winners are announced in the June 1 issue of City Pulse!

There are seven main categories and 123 subcategories. You must vote in at least 15 subcategories to have your votes count. You may spread your 15 votes through multiple main categories.

Winning a Top of the Town award is a major bragging right for locals, so be sure to support your top picks through both rounds.